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To: Major supermarkets

Ban small clear plastic bags used for fruit and veg

Ban small clear plastic bags used for fruit and veg

I want all major UK supermarkets to ban the use of small clear plastic carrier bags for fruit and vegetables. The 5p plastic bag cost has shown a dramatic fall in use, which is excellent news. However, everyone has ignored the tiny bags used for fruit and vegetables. Why are we not banning these? They can be easily replaced with brown paper bags that used to be used in greengrocers before plastic took over. These paper bags can be made from recycled goods and recycled after use.

Why is this important?

We know that plastic takes years to breakdown in the environment and can be confused as food by animals such as turtles, whales and birds. Single use bags are a crime against nature, and these small clear bags are such a waste that can be replaced easily with recycled and recyclable paper bags.


Reasons for signing

  • Plastic ruins our environment and for future generations


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