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To: Councillor Nazam Azam

Ban Spitting In BRADFORD

Ban Spitting In BRADFORD

Start a trial law in Bradford banning spitting in public, look at the trial in Enfield London and roll this out in Bradford and further a field if successful. People are fined either on the spot (preferred) or through courts with evidence.

Why is this important?

Spitting is not only rude and disrespectful, but also has health implications and aids the transmission of infectious diseases. Why we now seem to allow this grotesque social tick to continue in public is beyond me. Not only do people spit outdoors over anything they can, I have also noticed this occurring in some public indoor venues. Also the amount of times I have nearly been inadvertently spit on by people in cars and walking in the street is one too many, it needs to stop!

How it will be delivered

Please sign the petition which I will send to Nazam Azam at Bradford City Council to highlight our plea and start proceedings.


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Reasons for signing

  • My Husband is a slave driver and very cruel
  • (NB I am a different chap to the one below.) In the late 1970s, when I lived in Huddersfield, the old buses had 'no spitting' signs. This shouldn't be necessary in a civilised society.
  • Spitting, is predominantly done these days by a certain part of the multi-culture population. I doubt the Council will have the stomach to confront this for fear of being charged with either racism or religious bias or some other 'politically correct' mumbo-jumbo! But I really would like to see a ban. I frequently drive in Bradford and you see this a lot.


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With regards spitting whilst cycling, running etc... this ban is not really aimed at those individuals - this is about the bigger picture and the issue we have with people just spitting for the sake of it, the social tick people have acquired particularly with the under 25s.

2015-02-10 10:58:19 +0000

Had some great feedback on the petition from Bradford University -

Another reason why splitting should be banned is that we have numerous complaints on campus from manual wheelchair users who constantly find themselves battling spit on their hands after their wheelchair has gone through it (James Moore)

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