To: Friends of Barnfield and Barnfield Big Local


As a result of the unanimous decision reached at the Barnfield Residents Meeting held on the 30th September 2017, we, the residents of Barnfield
Estate appeal to Friends of Barnfield Estate and Barnfield Big Local Partnership to support the children of Barnfield by providing Saturday School tuition free to residents, funded from the Barnfield Big Local Fund.

Why is this important?

The funding of £1m was given to this area in 2012 over a 10 year period and one main priority should be education for our children and young people, there has been a great demand for supplementary education but we cannot afford to fund this ourselves. Whilst the funds for this Big Local Area has been inappropriately allocated to pay Big Local Co-ordinator’s salary, run activities and events that attempt to address short term needs of some members of the community to the detriment of Barnfield children education.

We therefore solicit that the Barnfield Big Local funding subsequently be allocated in a way that prioritise our children’s education.

Barnfield Road, London

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