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To: Bath county council

Bath Clean Air Zone petition

Bath Clean Air Zone petition

Scrap the Bath Clean Air Zone

Why is this important?

Please share to multiple people!! We don't have long to stop this madness..

This is important because this scheme is really just a tax on the poor and vulnerable dressed up as pollution concern.
At £9 for a car or van, and a whopping £100 for an hgv this will really put pressure on those already struggling. The area is huge and virtually impossible to avoid without creating gridlock on rat runs and smaller residential roads.
The traffic will be pushed out to already crippled roads, raising pollution around schools and residential areas.
The council stands to raise at least £12 million per year, which is really what this is all about.
The rich, who can afford new or electric cars will not be charged.
It will also cripple businesses in the centre that already have to pay criminal amounts of business rates.
There are other ways to lower pollution, this is not the answer.

Please sign the petition to help to halt this blatant tax on the poor.
And please go to to fill in the public consultation response to show them what we REALLY think!!

Thank you

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Reasons for signing

  • Just went to pay the ripoff scam tax and i was told that i was a day late as only 6 days to pay and not 7 so i was told that i will get a fine in the post, only my forth time i have to drive in for customer job as i have been trying to drive miles all around the back roads lansdown & weston just trying to get to jobs, its not just going into the centre for jobs but having to get to the other side
  • Just a tax to drive as if we don't pay enough already
  • Sole trader using van can not afford to replace vehical


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Good work people!!!
Great traction on this petition so far!!
But please make sure to share via social media/email etc multiple times!
We need thousands of signatures to really be heard!!

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