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To: Margaret Bailey, Head of Special Educational Needs, Tower Hamlets Council

Better Education Provisions for Children on the Autistic Spectrum in Tower Hamlets

To provide Tower Hamlets with Designated Resource Units within Primary and Secondary Mainstream Education (smaller classes with specialist teachers, teaching assistants within the mainstream environment).

Why is this important?

There are many children on the Autistic Spectrum in Tower Hamlets who are struggling in their current Education Provisions. This may just be failure to reach their full potential or being very distressed at attending school, which can impact on their mental health. Many parents go along with the struggle as they feel there isn't any alternative, some feel their only option is to Home Educate, some find their child being excluded from school or moved to a Pupil Referral Unit due to challenging behaviour caused by the stress of trying to cope in a class of 30, some children are travelling long distances everyday to attend schools outside of Tower Hamlets that can better cater for their needs and some parents decide to move their child to local special needs schools, but this is not always possible for children who do not also have significant learning difficulties.

Children on the Autistic Spectrum can find sensory stimuli overwhelming, this on top of problems with social interaction can make being in a mainstream class of 30 very difficult for them.

Please sign this petition if you agree there are not appropriate Education Provisions in Tower Hamlets for children on the Autistic Spectrum who cannot cope in a class of 30 but do not fit the criteria to attend a Special Needs School. Thank you for your support!
Tower Hamlets

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