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To: Wandsworth Council / Lambeth Council

Better, safer, people-friendly streets for Clapham Common

Better, safer, people-friendly streets for Clapham Common

"We, the undersigned, call on Wandsworth & Lambeth Councils to conduct a trial with an experimental traffic order on Clapham Common (Windmill Drive/Nightingale Walk), to improve our common, make it safer and reduce rat-running in the neighbourhood; the attached map shows a proposed option."

There have been moves in the past to make changes to Windmill Drive and create a more pleasant experience for users of the common. At present the road acts as a car parking facility, and a short cut for some drivers looking to cross Clapham Common. This petition is asking for a trial to see if in stopping motor traffic in the middle section of Windmill Drive we can make it safer, and more pleasant for the people walking and cycling in the area. We are also seeking for similar arrangement to be made at the east end of Nightingale Walk, so that it can become a safer place for local residents and users of the common. The idea is that we can use flower planters as a physical barrier to motor traffic, which can be removed at the end of the trial if it is felt not to have worked.

Why is this important?

This will allow local residents an opportunity to experience their streets and the common in a different way and see if it delivers the proposed benefits.

On the basis of experience elsewhere, the changed layout should:
Stop through motor traffic on Nightingale Walk and Windmill Drive
Make a more quiet and pleasant local environment.
Make it safer for local residents, and users of the common.
Reduce pot holes

If towards the end of the trial local residents feel that it has not been an improvement then it will be easy to re-instate the current layout.

Worth noting that this approach has already gone through the system for a network of streets in Tooting. By end August we should know when it will be implemented.

This approach is also supported by the Wandsworth Cycling Campaign (part of London Cycling Campaign -, and Wandsworth Living Streets (local group of Living Streets -

How it will be delivered

Together with the signatures collected offline, we'll deliver the petition in person

Nightingale Walk, London, London Borough of Wandsworth, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • A temporay trilal is an excellent suggestion to test the impact and value of such proposal
  • I use Windmill Drive as a cyclist several times a week. Motor traffic makes it unpleasant and unsafe for no great advantage - it is too narrow to handle the traffic properly.
  • This would be great for all the parents who walk or cycle their children through the common to school. Traffic on this particular road moves too fast, and it can be hard to cross particularly for small people. It would be great to have this middle stretch free of motor traffic. Cars can and should use the main roads around the common anyway. With such a low-cost, low-risk way of making the change, if it turns out to be terrible somehow, it can be rolled back. I can't see how it would though.


2013-08-02 15:46:49 +0100

100 signatures reached

2013-07-19 15:33:09 +0100

I've had confirmation from Cllr King (Wandsworth) that we need to gain at least 1000 signatures from people resident adjacent to the common. Ideally this should represent at least 1000 households. I need your help to do this, so please spread the word.

2013-07-16 12:37:35 +0100

25 signatures reached

2013-07-15 22:23:54 +0100

10 signatures reached