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To: Wandsworth Council

Better, safer, people-friendly streets for Smallwood Road / Fountain Road residents

Better, safer, people-friendly streets for Smallwood Road / Fountain Road residents

"We, the undersigned, call on Wandsworth Council to conduct a trial with an experimental traffic order for the Smallwood Rd / Fountain Road area to improve our streets, make them safer and reduce rat-running; the attached map shows a proposed option.”

The dots on the map represent planters, and the X's bus gates. Where buses and cyclists would still be able to pass but other motorised traffic wouldn't.

Why is this important?

In recent years local residents have increasingly suffered from high volumes of traffic passing through our streets as non-local residents use them as a cut through, particularly Blackshaw Road. Hazelhurst Road has had permanent traffic calming measures installed on it, this proposed pilot scheme will allow local residents an opportunity to experience a different local road layout and to see if it delivers the proposed benefits.

On the basis of experience elsewhere, the changed layout will:
Reduce volume of non-residential traffic using our streets.
Make it safer for local residents, walking home or to the shops, crossing the street, or going to school.
Reduce pot holes
Make a more quiet and pleasant local environment.

If towards the end of the trial local residents feel that it has not been an improvement then it will be easy to re-instate the current layout. This video should hopefully explain what the thinking behind the petition is too:

Supported by Wandsworth Living Streets, Wandsworth Cycling Campaign & Tooting Liberal Democrats

See where we are at with other local petitions for safer streets here:

Smallwood Road, London Borough of Wandsworth, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Reducing rat running and making residential streets safer is very important
  • A great scheme to improve quality of life for both local residents & cyclists using roads in this area
  • I want to use my bike more, but the roads are just too intimidating ... this kind of scheme will make roads much pleasanter for local people to use and interact with each other in.


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