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To: London Mayor

Bexleyheath Police Station Front Office Closure

We ask that plans to close the Bexleyheath Police Station Front Office, which is the only 24 hour manned police station in Bexley Borough (and eventually closing the entire building to move the facilities to Marlowe House in Sidcup) be abandoned

Why is this important?

We believe that the alternative location at Sidcup will restrict the majority of Bexley resident’s access to police services. Not all residents have access to internet facilities nor do they have their own transport to travel to Sidcup. Both of these points are particularly relevant to Bexley’s older and more vulnerable residents. Bexleyheath police station is central to the entire borough with superb public transport links to all locations. Travelling to Sidcup by public transport is challenging. There is a very limited bus service to Marlowe House and parking facilities are both limited and costly. The proposed new location would therefore make using the front office extremely difficult, especially for people living in the north of the borough.
Neighbourhood policing – a strategic priority for the London Mayor – would also be adversely affected. SNT officers will be spending more time travelling from this Sidcup location to their wards thereby limiting their time engaging with ward residents when on duty.


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