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To: Paul Golby, Chairman of Engineering UK

Big Bang Fair: Stop Promoting The Arms Trade!

Dear Mr Paul Golby,
Please cut ties between the Big Bang Fair and arms manufacturers such as BAE Systems.

See our letter in the Guardian:

And my article on why as an Algerian scientist and human rights activist, I loved participating in the Big Bang Fair a few years ago and why I hate arms companies's sponsorship of the event:

Why is this important?

We love science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We think its worth celebrating the exciting possibilities it offers with the young people of the UK.

We know how vital STEM is to understand our world and make it better. There is so much inspiring and important STEM work done in the UK, and more to do. That's why it makes us sad that companies which profit from weapons which kill people across the world, should be allowed a role at the Big Bang Fair.

One of this year's sponsors, Doosan, is on financial blacklists because of cluster bomb manufacture, and yet you allow them space at your event. As well as the products they manufacture, BAE systems have been the subject of several corruption investigations. Are these really the sorts of groups we want involved in the education of children?

Science and engineering should be about improving life, not taking it away - please ask the Big Bang Fair to drop the arms trade.



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