To: The Farmer's Union, the Minister of the Environment, Polly Curtis LVO

Bio gas not fracking gas

Repeal the agreement to allow fracking under our National Parks and anywhere else in the UK. Instead invest in small/medium scale biomass plants to produce a carbon neutral gas. Individual farmers, the guardians of our rural landscape, can be the pioneers in this rather than multinationals not interested in the UK countryside or reducing climate change. Our councils should have biomass plants for our compost waste. We should direct research into at how we could use methane in our domestic heating systems. This could make all our domestic heating carbon neutral. Much of the methane we could collect is currently just allowed to escape into the atmosphere where it acts as a green house gas.

Why is this important?

Although the scientific community have understood the dangers we face in climate change this is only just beginning to filter into the general public. MPs seem to be very loath to understand the issues. People have been saying fracking is safe rather than understanding that it is another fossil fuel and will contribute to global warming. Its short term safety is irrelevant. Why not spend our time and energy cleverly to produce the gas for our carbon neutral future. Invest in the small because we understand the big picture. Who are the lobbyists that persuade our MPs to allow our landscape to be ransacked for something that will only encourage more extreme climate events? Biomass gas could be an income stream for our farmers and Councils while giving us a carbon neutral gas. Invest now in our long term future - not in a fossil fuel.