To: Guy Watson of Riverford Organics & The Watson Family

Boycott Riverford Organics until all hunting is stopped on Riverford land.

Great news, after running a campaign for 48 hours, 38 Degrees members have put enough pressure on Riverford farm to ban fox-hunting from all Riverford land, not just the land run by the organic veg company. Read more here:

Boycott Riverford Organics until all hunting is stopped on Riverford land.

Immediately stop any form of hunting on Riverford owned land and stop sponsoring the South Devon Hunt.

Why is this important?


In 48 hours 4,500 people, many of them Riverford customers, or potential Riverford customers, have made their point that Riverford need to STOP HUNTING NOW, on ALL their farms. The voice of Riverfords' customers have been heard, let us see if the Watson family rise to the challenge, adopt more customer focused polices, respond to their public, become far more ethical, and refuse to take produce from any farm, including their own, where blood sports are practiced.

After all, if their competitors can do this, why can't they? The British public are against blood sports, and those who buy organic even more so, we won't except anything less than cruelty free organic produce.


Riverford Organic Farms Ltd prides itself publicly on its ethics and its high animal welfare standards – a major reason why consumers, across the UK, support it. But away from the public’s eyes, Riverford Farm has, in fact, been actively allowing fox hunting on its lands, and worse still, potentially the cruel atrocity that is cub-hunting.

In the early hours of Wednesday the 1st October a fox hunt was spotted on Riverford Farm land, consisting of a large number of hounds of differing colours, which stayed on Riverford land for many hours, and are likely to be the South Devon Hunt. The fact they were hunting a full month before the official start of the fox hunting season suggests they were out ‘cubbing.’

This particularly cruel and sadistic practice involves hunters going after newborn fox cubs, literally digging them out of their holes with spades, with the desperate vixen completely unable to protect her young. The cubs are then ripped apart and mutilated by a pack of hounds; the hunters using this horrible ‘opportunity’ with vulnerable animals to teach their younger hounds how to kill. Those dogs who don’t immediately show enthusiasm for mutilating their fellow beings are shot as “useless” to the hunt.

Riverford Farm has, additionally, been actively sponsoring the cruel South Devon Hunt.

Riverford Organics customers pay a premium for their vegetables and consumables because they are humane, conscious people who are trying in their own, personal way to live more ethically and sustainably. This betrayal by Riverford Farm abuses both animal and customer.

In a democratic society the very notion of selectively policing the laws of the land is dangerous and unacceptable. Riverford is fully aware that it is engaging with an unethical and potentially illegal activity, (and that it has been doing so for many years, in secret.)

This petition asks that customers demand answers, transparency - and change - from Riverford Farm, and refrain from supporting Riverford Organics further, while it remains connected to cruel and potentially illegal blood ‘sports.’ We do not wish to be complicit. And it is high time the whole of the Watson family lived up to its own ethical spin.

For more information on the terrible realities of cub hunting, see: What is Cub Hunting? - League Against Cruel Sports see: and


Reasons for signing

  • Fox hunting has no place in this day and age.
  • I have witnessed 'clubbing' I was literally sick. The poor vixen did not know which way to turn. Fox hunting is cruel and barbaric and does not belong in the 21st century
  • The hidden side of hunting, what a disgrace! Riverford Organics is this true that you let illegal Cub hunting on your land?


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It seems Riverford and its subsidiary businesses haven't learnt from their PR disaster on fox and cub hunting 2 years ago. Despite promising on the 2/10/2012 and again on the 9/4/2013 that badgers would not be killed on either Riverfords land, or on their suppliers land, it now transpires Riverford are doing both: .

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Riverford have responded to this campaign here:

2014-10-06 19:37:59 +0100 The link to the South Devon Hunts website where Louise Watson is clearly named as one of the joint masters of the South Devon Hunt.

2014-10-06 19:35:41 +0100 Evidence of Riverfords sponsorship of the South Devon Hunt.

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2,500 signatures in less than 22 hours! Astounding! This shows just how strongly the British public's passionate opposition to 'pleasure killing' and blood sports is. I hope that not just Riverford take notice of this strong opposition, but that our politicians do too.Since the hunting 'ban' came in, hunts have become stronger and have infiltrated local and national politics. This clear message from so many signers of this petition, in astonishingly short time, shows the British public will not collude with blood sports or remain silent about them. I am so humbled by this response and so pleased to see I am not the only one unprepared to keep Riverfords dirty little secrets any longer.

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