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To: 'Which?' consumer organisation

Boycott 'Which?' to stop TTIP

Boycott 'Which?' to stop TTIP

We want 'Which?' to oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) .

Why is this important?

Possible benefits to consumers are the trump card for those supporting TTIP.

Despite the organisation's good work in other areas on behalf of UK consumers, 'Which?' is currently giving key support to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The narrow possible consumer benefits of lower prices are minimal compared with the potential broad consumer damage from this so-called 'trade' agreement.

The dangers of lowered standards in chemical and food health and safety, the provision for corporations to sue our government for any regulatory changes that hit their future profits, the blocking of any renationalising of public services like the NHS plus expected job losses, are ways that TTIP will profoundly affect consumers beyond a few possible price reductions.

'Which?' is allowing itself to be used to justify this bill of corporate rights.

A shift in the position of consumer organisations will potentially kill this deal and 'Which?' is our UK responsibility.

We call for a boycott of 'Which?' until it changes its position and ceases to support TTIP.


Reasons for signing

  • Even if Which? is only giving tacit support to TTIP by fence-sitting and failing to speak out against the apects of the deal which are potentially harmful, this is not in the interests of the consumer and flies in the face of what the organisation is supposed to stand for. I've just cancelled my Which? membership and told them why.
  • The EU commission proposes to rinse chickens with chlorine! The USA request is 'a strategy to 'harmonise' regulations with the EU so that when they try to push through TTIP they can say "Our regs are the same on food safety". the TIP of the iceberg. Watch Out! Even some business people don;t like this!
  • This is clearly a misrepresentation of what TTIP truly is. I wonder how much of Which's? so-called unbiased reporting of consumer rights and interests are also misrepresented?


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