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To: Stockport Council

Bramhall Skatepark

Bramhall Skatepark

please make a skatepark in bramhall park!

Why is this important?

Riding on skateparks has been proven to help with depression as it takes your mind off things

Skateboarding and scootering is also a rather inexpensive hobby.

Decreases youth crime in the area.

Gets kids up, out and active instead of being inside as there are an increasing amount of kids that are becoming more overweight than in the last 5 years.

Wont take up much space.

Can increase the amount of people coming into the park for example, if there we to be a competition at the skatepark, more people would come therefore increasing sales in café’s overall making money for the park.

If kids were to want to do scootering/skating/bmxing as a career in the future, having a park here would increase the chances of them pursuing what they love doing.

Local residents wont have to ask parents to drive them to skate parks just to ride, I know this from personal experiences how frustrating it is that you really want to ride but there isn’t a park near and parents are at work.

Can also increase social interaction with other people, making more friends to scoot/skate with, in theory making them come out more.

Gets kids and teenagers off the streets, vandalising peoples property by grinding on ledges etc.

Bramhall, Stockport

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Reasons for signing

  • I honestly think that my nan is blue
  • its bare littty g
  • We need new parks man🤷🏼‍♂️


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