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To: East Lothian Council

Bring Back North Berwick Outdoor Pool BBOP

Reopen North Berwick Outdoor Pool

Why is this important?

North Berwick Outdoor pool was used and loved by people from all over East Lothian and visitors to the area for nearly 100 years. The pool closed in 1995 after a hard fought local campaign to keep it open.

Kids learned to swim in the pool, it hosted galas, it was used by clubs, it was a place for the community to gather and socialise, in a way that doesn't happen at an indoor pool. Speak to anyone who used this pool and they will tell you what an amazing community resource it was. It was used and loved for nearly 100 years, it's been closed for 24, lets change that.

We at BBOP would love to see East Lothian Council reopen the outdoor pool, with enough community support we hope they will do so. Failing that we hope to gain enough community support to become or work with a community organisation to purchase the council land and work to reopen the pool.

We recognise the harbour area where the pool was located is currently used by others, we would love to work with the community as a whole to find alternatives and solutions so that everyone can enjoy the space.

We are a tiny community group of like minded people and we are looking for more volunteers to do a lot or a little. We need, general enthusiasts (most important:-), the social media gurus, architects, those with experience of community projects, lawyers, experience in renewable/sustainable heating systems, business aficionados and I am sure a whole load of skills we haven't even thought of yet. Please get in touch via our Facebook Page if you would like to get involved.



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