To: Rt Hon Minister of State of Climate Change and Industry, Claire Perry MP

Bring back Onshore wind energy

Bring back Onshore wind energy

Reverse the changes that the last government made to planning regulations in England - which effectively made onshore wind energy projects impossible to build. And reverse the decision to exclude onshore wind energy projects, in the whole of Britain, from government auctions - for low carbon electricity. In essence, reverse the planning and economic embargo for onshore wind energy.

Why is this important?

Onshore wind energy is our most abundant and cost effective form of renewable energy, and until it was banned by the previous government it was our most successful. It remains highly popular with opinions polls (including the government’s own) showing almost three quarters of the public support it - this support has been consistent for the last 20 years.

With energy bills in Britain generally regarded as being too high and our government proposing a cap to address the issue - it makes no sense to pay considerably more than we need to for new forms of green energy. Fighting climate change with green energy is essential, we should not make it more expensive than it needs to be.

A recent report from the ECIU (Energy and Climate Change Intelligence Unit) estimates that we will pay over £1 billion more on our energy bills - over just the next four years - if we continue to exclude onshore wind energy. Onshore wind is an economic and environmental opportunity for Britain.


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Reasons for signing

  • It just makes sense
  • And yet another government looking after powerful interests at the expense of the dispossessed millions.
  • Onshore wind is a vital part of our future energy supply if we are to tackle climate change and provide affordable energy for everyone.


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