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To: The Bohemia's landlord (Mitchells and Butlers) via their letting agents (Colliers) and Barnet Council

Bring back The Bohemia

Last year the Bohemia had closed it's doors and was threatened with extinction. But after pressure from over 1,000 38 Degrees members, the council listed the building as an 'Asset of Community Value' - meaning it had to be a pub. A new buyer was found and the pub will reopen in Spring 2014.

Bring back The Bohemia

We want to protect our fantastic local community pub in North Finchley, The Bohemia.

In just one year, The Bohemia has established itself as a real asset to our community, and we were shocked and dismayed when it shut up shop without any notice, days before its anniversary of opening.

We are asking Mitchells and Butlers (via their letting agents, Colliers) to think again and help preserve our community pub. At the same time, we are calling on Barnet Council to take steps to protect its use as a local pub by issuing an Article 4 Direction to prevent a change of use and consider adding The Bohemia to the Register of Community Assets.

Why is this important?

Since it opened a year ago, The Bohemia has become a much-loved and popular local pub. It has quickly become a valued part of the local community, hosting a range of events from film nights and music to stand-up comedy. Along with its good food and great range of real ales, The Bohemia attracted people from all parts of the community. It has also supported an event organised last Christmas to promote local businesses in North Finchley.

Unlike the previous pub on The Bohemia’s site, The Bohemia is a genuine community pub that has not attracted any police complaints and is a real asset to our high street.

We want North Finchley to be a thriving and successful town centre where people want to live, work and visit for business, shopping and leisure. The Bohemia was part of this and its closure is a set back.

The Bohemia, 762-764 High Road, London N12 9QH, United Kingdom

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We've now had a first response from Colliers, property advisors to landlord Mitchells & Butlers, confirming the dispute over the lease with Gregarious Ltd, and stating their intention to secure a new tenant

We've also received support from the Barnet & Enfield branch of CAMRA - The Campaign for Real Ale, advice from their campaigns office and a request to add The Bohemia to be added to the list assets of community value has been filed with Barnet Council.

Please keep sending in your messages of support, spreading the word about the petition and watch this space for update on a gathering to discuss next steps soon!

2013-08-21 16:19:22 +0100

Yesterday evening, with only a few hours notice, some 30 of us gathered outside The Bohemia for a photo call. We've now received coverage in both our local papers:

With more information about the dispute between the landlord and lessee, our current focus is to get the landlord (Mitchells and Butlers) to give assurances that they will keep the site as a pub and understand the demand to ensure it continues the great job The Bohemia did in our community. We are currently seeking to arrange a meeting with Mitchells and Butlers to achieve this. If you'd like to help out with the campaign to #BringBackBohemia, please email [email protected] - thank you for all the support so far!

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