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Bring back the nit nurses

Bring back the nit nurses

Bring back nit nurses to all primary schools.

Why is this important?

While most parents regularly check their children for head lice some do not. The children of those parents continuously spread head lice through the schools, causing discomfort, distress and financial burdens on every parent with a child of school age.

In the last four weeks we have had to treat our son for head lice four times and that is not an uncommon situation. Each time my son has been very distressed about it and despite us assuring him that it is not his fault he still says it makes him feel dirty.

While I know that head lice treatment can be provided on the NHS for those parents who are unable to afford it this is not always freely given and is only provided for the child of school age. The problem with this is that the infection will usually be spread throughout the family thus only treating the child will not solve the problem. The nit nurses provided a bottle of treatment to use on the entire family.

For those parents who simply do not check their children, whether out of ignorance or laziness, the nit nurse is a good tool for encouraging them to do so.



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