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To: David Green Council Leader

Bring Bradford into line with other Councils

To bring down the cost of a summons to a price that is fair. Liverpool Council do this by only charging £10 to un-waged people which is the actual cost of all the paperwork involved and £40 to waged.

Bradford Council charge £85 waged or un-waged despite Administration & Enforcement Regulations 1992

Why is this important?

I think it speaks for itself as to why it is important. Bradford Council claim to be in line with all other Councils. How is £85 in line with £10 for exactly the same thing? The Council made 3.33 million pounds doing this in the council tax year 2012/2013. Un-waged people are struggling just to pay council tax they also have to pay bedroom tax if they are renting privately, benefits do not take these taxes into consideration and neither do Bradford Council.

Bradford Council have already announced Council Tax rises for the 2 years to come. During the Council Tax year 2012/2013 Bradford Council summonsed 1 in 4 households for Council Tax. With the current economic climate more and more people will be summoned as less people are able to afford to pay Council Tax, why should people already struggling be charged £85 per summons whilst others are charged only £10 for exactly the same thing?


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2015-05-10 14:54:11 +0100

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