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To: Bristol's Next Mayor

Bristol Needs A Mayor For Homes

Bristol Needs A Mayor For Homes

Commit Bristol City Council to the following:

A) Deliver the homes that are needed;
• Set up a majority owned, but independently managed, vehicle to deliver new homes – with a minimum of 30% affordable.
• Build a minimum of 2,500 affordable homes by 2021.
• Use its land and powers to work in partnership to build as many new affordable homes as possible.

B) Support private renters across the city;
• Introduce a city-wide landlord licensing scheme.
• Full enforcement and application of Council powers with regards to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System and an end to ineffective informal action.
• Active and ongoing support and promotion of the Ethical Lettings Charter

Why is this important?

Bristol is in the midst of a worsening housing crisis. With over 10,000 on the housing waiting list and private sector rent increases of 25% in just four years the situation is getting desperate.

We need more homes of all types to help people onto the property ladder and to ensure there are enough affordable homes for those who need them. Private tenants need protection from extortionate rents and poor living conditions.

On 5th May Bristol will elect a new Mayor. Whoever the winning candidate is they must make ending Bristol's housing crisis their number one priority. A new coalition of groups has formed to lead a single, united campaign - A Mayor For Homes.

Please join us and make sure that Bristol's next Mayor delivers more, affordable housing and protections for tenants.


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Reasons for signing

  • This is exactly the kind of issue a supportive Mayor could really make a difference on. So many of us stuck in a private rental sector completely skewed in favour of exploitative agents and landlords.
  • I have been working in North Bristol for a number of years working with the community to bring forward sites for housing. There are sites. We need a Mayor who will get these sites developed!
  • I live in London not Bristol but it's one struggle. Solidarity!


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