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Nigel Farage: call to apologise for "without a single bullet being fired"

Nigel to apologise for the comment within his speech
"without a single bullet being fired"

Why is this important?

Last week Jo Cox MP was gunned down after her surgery. Bullets were indeed fired in the lead up to this vote.

His comments are disgusting and completely disrespectful to the fact Jo cox mp was shot and stabbed to death during the political campaign


Reasons for signing

  • Whether he realises it or not, his insults, his branding everyone wishing to enter the UK a 'problem' and his rhetoric claiming variously that 'there will be violence' and 'no bullet fired' (former very dangerous, latter both wrong and exceptionally insensitive) have done significant damage to the fabric of British society and how we are seen in the world. He needs putting in his place.
  • Should also be fired as an MEP.
  • Because cheap point scoring - at the expense of a very unfortunate incident - is reprehensible, and no sincere, concerned politician should ever make such remarks - made worse, perhaps, by not realising how offensive they are!


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