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To: Martyn Gerald Murphy CEO MGM Hotels Ltd

Campaign to Save The Norman King

Campaign to Save The Norman King

The Norman King public house, Dunstable. (site circa 1109) has suffered major fire damage after an arson attack 0015hrs 10/08/2011 and now faces demolition. We are asking the owner, MGM Hotels Ltd to conserve and restore this historic thatched/timber building back to it's original glory.

Why is this important?

KEVIN McCLOUD, MBE -"Dunstable is short on great historic buildings and so the removal of any ancient scrap of architecture from the town is an appalling idea. We need to conserve the old to help us understand the present (and for that matter, the future) and heritage is not a burden but an amenity and a great blessing for our society. It gives us a sense of place and connection. The loss of the ancient fabric of The Norman King will be a crying shame and a further erosion of that connection. It's appalling that there has been no collective will among the authorities to keep as much as possible that remains of this fine old building and to insist on a sensitive program of repair and even reinstatement of the structure and roof lost to the fire. Apart from anything else, I used to drink there and will miss it." - KEVIN McCLOUD, MBE

How it will be delivered

It will be given to the owner along with a covering letter.

Dunstable LU5 4HN

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Protest song to Save The Norman King. 'Standing Stones'

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