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Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act

Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act

Strengthen the Hunting Act

Why is this important?

The Hunting Act is in urgent need of strengthening, to enable the authorities to clamp down on illegal hunting.

At present, hunts can escape prosecution – and nearly always do - by cynically claiming their pursuit and killing of a hunted animal was “unintentional”. This nonsense is enabling hunts to carry on as if there were no ban at all.

Over 80% of the British public support the ban, but hunters appear to believe they are above the law. 50,000 hunters signed a Declaration before the ban came into force stating they would defy it, and continue to hunt as before, thus displaying their total contempt for democracy.


Reasons for signing

  • I love foxes and hate seeing them be brutally killed by dogs, also illegally
  • I love aninals i love foxes , i watched the viedo of this Hero women saving this Fox I would like to help aswell ! I would like to rescue foxes from the monsters so please give me a call if anyone who attends such a thing and safes little ones ! 07463280465 my whole family would go and walk around and if we see them attacking Fox we will help it please call us ! #veganfamily❤️
  • This Terrible "Tradition" Needs to be stopped. It's terrible to see such an innocent animal killed for sport when it is just living it's life. This needs to be banned for the benefit of the fox species and the ecosystems of the country.


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