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To: Chris Grayling

Car seat safety stars

We are asking for it to become mandatory for car seats to be sold with a star rating system. This will allow parents to easily understand how car seats perform in crash testing, and enable them to make a more informed decision.

Why is this important?

Currently, any seat which passes the European regulations ECE R44 04 or ECE R129 can be approved for sale. However, the level at which the seat passes can vary considerably, and car seats perform very differently in real life crash situations, meaning some offer more protection than others.

The cost of car seats is no indication of performance in crash testing. Some of the more expensive seats, have not performed as well in crash testing as less expensive seats.

The performance of the car seats should be something that is made clear to consumers, so that parents and carers can make an informed decision for their family, and have a true understanding of what it is they are spending their money on.

How it will be delivered

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