To: Parliament + UK Supermarkets

Carbon labels on supermarket foodstuffs

Carbon labels on supermarket foodstuffs

I would like to introduce 'Carbon Labels' on to foodstuffs in UK supermarkets. I would like a discussion on how best to calculate these values, and accurately display this.

Why is this important?

Similar to Reference intakes which you see on food in the supermarket, this would allow for more consumer choice. In this instance it would allow for consumer choice when it comes to the carbon footprint of you diet.

It is also really important in helping to inspire and motivate retailers to worry about the carbon footprint of their produce. For example ,if it becomes clear that UK people (when supplied with enough information) will prefer local produce over 'larger' or 'better looking' international produce which come with huge airmiles and carbon footprints - then this will motivate supermarkets to act on this.

Clearly the UK has issues related to our carbon footprint and related global warming outcomes. This is compounded when linked to the issue of food waste.