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To: Theresa May, Secretary of State for the Home Department and Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education

Change UK immigration practices that deter talented international students

Change UK immigration practices that deter talented international students

Please review your immigration policies that have led to an unprecedented fall in international students studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (according to the House of Lords Science and Technology Report, April 2014).

International students contribute significantly to university finances, often partly subsidizing courses for domestic students. They also make a huge contribution to the academic, intellectual and cultural vibrancy of UK universities, and enrich the experience for domestic students.

Please overhaul immigration policies and carry out the recommendation of this report, in particular:

- Treat student numbers separately for immigration policy making
- Review the package for international students every two years to
ensure it is globally competitive.
- The Home Office should improve the way information is provided to
prospective students to ensure welcoming and clear language is used.

Why is this important?

Lord Krebs, Chair of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee,

“When we really need to send the message that international STEM students will get a warm welcome in the UK, they’re getting the cold shoulder and heading elsewhere. The overwhelming evidence that we received led us to conclude that changes to the immigration rules in this country have played a direct part in putting overseas students off from choosing the UK.”

Only this week a 17 year old Indian friend of ours, who was on her way to take a two week course here for High School students, and who has UK permanent residency, was turned away and put on a plane back to India because she had not been to the UK for two years. I think you will agree that this is outrageous and will want to help to restore reasonable immigration regulations for foreign students.


Reasons for signing

  • When the goverment can not support Schools, some which have been established for 100's of years. In their effort to bring money in to the UK economy, then the goverment and the instutions they control are unfit for purpose.
  • Everyone knows it will hurt the UK - but this shameful appeal to an unpleasant xenophobic element showing up in the electorate was seen as a vote-catcher.
  • justice and truth!


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