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To: Brandon Lewis



Change UK planning law to allow people to live on a piece of land

Why is this important?

In the last couple of years, through no fault of my own, l became homeless. I am one of the lucky ones in the sense that l have a piece of land. I moved onto it because l had nowhere else to go. During the last 18 months l have been threatened with eviction, surveillance and have suffered abusive and intimidating behaviour from the enforcement officer involved. Plus complaints from various people who, not only have all they need, but also did not even bother to find out anything about me or my situation. Although l have now been given a council bedsit this is shocking and absurd. Someone else who really needed it could have benefited from it if l had been allowed to stay on my field. I am not disturbing anyone and my shepherds hut cannot be seen as it is tucked away behind trees.

We have a huge housing problem in this country and the number of homeless people is escalating out of control.

While l fully appreciate that, as the housing officer said 'we cannot have the countryside littered with caravans' (who said anything about caravans??), the countryside is already 'littered' with some truly monstrous buildings and, of course if it suits the council they will grant planning for anything. If the planning laws were relaxed and councils worked WITH people instead of AGAINST them, this 'littering' should and can be avoided.

Planning restrictions have now been lifted for agricultural barns, but this has meant such an increase in price that most people can't afford to buy them. Once again it is the few rich elite who can.

I know many people who want to live on their own piece of land but are unable to do so. This doesn't mean to say that they are unwilling to pay their council tax, as some people are so quick to judge that they are; they are 'normal', resourceful people just wanting a slightly different way of life. What's so wrong with that?

Please sign this petition to lobby Brandon Lewis and his colleagues to change planning law to allow people to live on a piece of land if they choose to do so. Thank you.

Reasons for signing

  • We have RIGHTS to the land, to our lives: WITHOUT INTERFERENCE, inc the choice to build without harming others, : common law rights must be upheld under the magna carta. Need lndmk judgement in ECHR to prove these rights stand as they do for us HUMANS, we are not 'Corporations' and the councils get away with this/ government corporations by approaching us as legal entities GIVING CONSENT TO THEIR authority! They treat land as COMMERICIAL/place of a registered corporation! DO NOT register land!
  • Because people should be able to live on there land they own
  • Because people who are non intrusive, maintain and improve and own their land have a right to live on it.


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