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To: Theodore Huckle QC Counsel General to Welsh Assembly

Change undemocratic Welsh planning law

Please will you arrange for the amendment of the law (Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure)(Wales) Order 2012) with respect to the classification of applications for large single wind turbines so that publicity requirements ensure that all affected residents and nearby communities are adequately informed and consulted and their democratic rights upheld.

Why is this important?

The planning law below permits a single A4 notice somewhere near the site to be the only notification required to inform rural residents and local communities of an application for large, commercial wind turbine; no letters, no leaflets, no press notices. This is because the size of the base area permits it to be classified as a ‘minor’ application. This means many residents would never get an opportunity to submit objections within the 21 day ‘deadline’ due to their age, infirmity and isolation or simply by not hearing about it.
Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure)(Wales) Order 2012
The relevant extract from that legislation is in the section: (5) and (6) Publicity for applications for planning permission, Part 2 – Applications.

Wales, UK

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