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  • English medium teaching as an option at all schools in Wales.
    These policies put English speaking families (which are the VAST majority of families in North Wales) at a HUGE disadvantage as it excludes their parents from helping and being involved with them in their learning. Having only just got the basics of a complex language at home children are then faced with learning another VASTLY different language to learn which is then the sole medium in which they are then taught EVERYTHING at school! This leaves them continually playing "catch-up" in EVERY subject. It also hampers them from grasping the complexities of THE lingua franca of the modern world which then leaves them uncompetitive in our global economy.
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    Created by Joe Stoner
  • Llangeinor
    Save Tynyrheol primary school
    I am a school governor of a school which is being closed, against the wishes of the community, children of three years of age are expected to get up early, travel in a bus and very possibly go without breakfast. These children will lose all the comradeship attained through living in a close community. The only community shop will close because parents will not be taking the children to school, and will no longer be customers. This is a disaster for a close community.
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    Created by Clive Mitchell
  • Legalize Political Manifestos
    Prior to the last election ,the present Government made far reaching promises to protect NHS and ring fence the spending, even promising to increase it .They have renaged on all the promises outlined in their Manifesto, not only on this issue but many others too,we as the electorate should have right to take them to task .
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    Created by George Buckley
  • No Mother and baby unit in Wales
    When mothers who are suffering need specialist perinatal mental health staff. Also the bonding and attachment with the mother is so important. The knock on effects of this illness is splitting families up and having huge effects on the next generation. The new report by MMHA says it will save the country money if the services was in place. Wales is 70 per cent lacking in support and families need help today. Read more here: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/health/couple-launch-campaign-bring-designated-8394059
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    Created by Mark Williams Picture
  • Cymmer
    get lights back on maesteg road cymmer
    so people can walk home safely and be seen
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    Created by Philip Owens
  • Bring back the peoples £1 lottery!
    I think it is important to many people in GB who like a small flutter once or twice a week.
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    Created by David Edwards
    People don't have enough for food and heating now they cannot afford to live in the home they want to have no wonder more food banks are being opened daily.
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    Created by DAVID EVANS
  • Tredegar
    999 nhs tredegar
    It was "born" in Tredegar & vital for the health and welfare of the whole of the UKs population and should remain as it was intended. FREE for the people
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    Created by Marianne Phillips
  • Change undemocratic Welsh planning law
    The planning law below permits a single A4 notice somewhere near the site to be the only notification required to inform rural residents and local communities of an application for large, commercial wind turbine; no letters, no leaflets, no press notices. This is because the size of the base area permits it to be classified as a ‘minor’ application. This means many residents would never get an opportunity to submit objections within the 21 day ‘deadline’ due to their age, infirmity and isolation or simply by not hearing about it. Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure)(Wales) Order 2012 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/wsi/2012/801/made The relevant extract from that legislation is in the section: (5) and (6) Publicity for applications for planning permission, Part 2 – Applications.
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    Created by John Hubert
  • Paying for prescriptions in Wales
    At the moment hospitals across Wales and the NHS in Wales are struggling to survive and staff are stretched to the limit. . We need to fund more nursing staff and also to stop the current ridiculous abuse of the system where people go to A&E just to get a packet of Paracetamol or Calpol for nothing or ask their doctors for medication they do not need and probably will not take. A basic charge of £3.00 would stop such abuse of the system, and there could be a cap of £10.00 if people needed several items. This additional money would transform our NHS in Wales and provide jobs for much needed nursing staff.
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    Created by Joanna Spikes