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To: Crown Prosecution Service

Charge Nigel Farage with Incitement to Racial Hatred

Charge Nigel Farage with Inciting Racial Hatred, under Section 18 of the Public Order Act 1986, for UKIP's infamous "Breaking Point" poster.

Why is this important?

The poster was intended to influence voters in the EU referendum by wrongly blaming immigrants for all the UK's problems. It has been exposed as inaccurate (it shows Syrian refugees in Eastern Europe, not EU migrants in the UK) and compared to Nazi propaganda against the Jews.
In the 4 days since the vote to leave, there have been many horrifying examples of racial hatred reported in the press and on social media.
This behaviour is illegal, as well as being deeply distressing to the victims and and damaging to our society as a whole. The country needs some very clear messages that racial hatred is unacceptable, and a high-profile prosecution over this notorious poster would be an excellent start.

How it will be delivered

9th August - I have emailed the petition to the Home Office today, cc'ing my MP, Rory Stewart.


2016-07-11 15:07:16 +0100

Thank you to everyone who has signed. I've been taking some advice about how to deliver the petition and now know it has to go to the Home Office first. I would like to deliver it this week; the sooner Farage is called to account for his behaviour the better. But - we are just 50 signatures off the 24,000 mark. It would be great to reach this number - can you forward the link to friends or family members to help get those last few names please? Thanks, Kimberley x

2016-07-01 10:43:06 +0100

20,000 signatures reached

2016-06-29 19:47:08 +0100

10,000 signatures reached

2016-06-29 09:42:16 +0100

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500 signatures reached

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100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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