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Chechnya Authorities involve families in killing of Gay sons

Chechnya Authorities involve families in killing of Gay sons

To start broadcasting the horrific stories coming out about this

Why is this important?

This is a clear violation of Human Rights. A country should not be allowed to treat it's citizen's like this and get away with it. It is grotesque. Gay and bisexual men are being rounded up and put in prison camps. They are tortured using electricity and deprived of food. The latest atrocity was reported online by Attitude May 4 2017. One survivor told of how families are being summoned to kill their family members after they have been tortured. They called it "cleaning your honour with blood". One family chose to do it rather than have the authorities kill their son. They took him out into the woods, killed him and buried him there. Can you imagine doing that to your son. It would break my heart. This has to stop. WHY IS IT NOT BEING REPORTED. Please get this out there Channel 4 and help a section of the population find some security and dignity in life.


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  • I do not feel enough is being done to report this