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To: Council and Health Bodies

Call for: Children's Unit and Dementia services for Ainsdale, Southport

Call for: Children's Unit and Dementia services for Ainsdale, Southport

Our town needs a Minor Injuries Unit for children and an extension to the Brookdale Dementia Care Services. The derelict Sandbrook Way area of Woodvale would be an ideal central situation for this as it urgently needs redeveloping.

Why is this important?

We put forward something this town has needed since 2003, a minor injuries unit for children alongside an extension to the wonderful Brookdale dementia services, already next to that site. Let’s give something back to the community that is more important to our hearts than more shops. Margaret Brown and I (Cath Regan) are the co-chairs of CARES (Coalition Against Removal of kids Emergency & other Services), the team who fought tirelessly years ago for the return of our A & E and maternity services for our children. It is about time the powers that be FINALLY did something right and good for our children and elderly. We don’t want more shops or houses; there are plenty of both lying empty in Southport, just somewhere closer than Ormskirk and Liverpool to take our sick children to. Junior doctors are currently striking and A & E units are pushed to their limits. A minor injuries unit would give us the immediate peace of mind for our children, without 4 hour waiting times at an already full A & E. It is also a ‘perfect’ location between Formby and Southport with room for parking. Let’s finally return something that should never have been taken away thirteen years ago. I ask all parents, grandparents and families to support this and make it happen.

Southport, Merseyside

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Reasons for signing

  • I am a single mum with no means of transport myself.My son fell and cut his hand on a nail this could of been easily dealt with at a minor injuries unit instead of having to travel to Ormskirk A&E for his hand to be washed steri-striped and bandaged.
  • Houses being put on it are not right


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