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To: Chris Skidmore MP

Chris Skidmore - Vote to keep the ban on fox hunting

Chris Skidmore - Vote to keep the ban on fox hunting

The citizens of Kingswood ask that you vote against any laws or motions in this parliament that would repeal the hunting act 2004. We request that you vote in favour of any legislation that would keep the ban in place and protect our wild mammals from those hunting with dogs.

Why is this important?

Hunting wild mammals with a pack of dogs causes unnecessary stress. There is no reason why, in this day and age, such outdated methods should be used to hunt any animal.

Foxes in particular are iconic as part of the British natural fauna and are relatively peaceful animals. There are better methods and measures that can be used to stop foxes from damaging livestock and farmland than the way proposed by pro-hunt campaigners. The act of chasing a fox with a pack of dogs is barbaric and has no place in our society.

Voting to repeal the hunting act would also be an affront to democracy. Polls from YouGov, Ipsos Mori and The Mirror show that the majority of the public want to keep the hunting ban in place. If there is to be any vote on the repeal of the hunting act, the public should be consulted via a national referendum. If this condition cannot be met, then the ban should remain in place. You can see the poll results below:

We, the people of Kingswood, ask that you, Chris Skidmore, vote to keep the hunting ban over the course of this next parliament.

Kingswood, Bristol

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Reasons for signing

  • Fox hunting is a sick sport, we do not need it in the 21st century. Get Wildlife police team to deal with offenders and courts prosecute hard, with prison sentences
  • Why oh why did fox hunting exist in the first place, oh yes I know why, because of all the yuppies and idiots who just wanted fun to get them killed I feel sorry for the dogs aswell and the horses So yes keep the ban on fox hunting pls, pls, pls
  • Because being human entails a sense of humanity and no decent person can sanction this.


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