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To: Cornwall Council



Cornwall Council is failing to use legal powers to put an end to the shocking mess on Carlyon Bay beach, a mess that's lasted for fully ten years. This petition calls upon the Council to ensure that action is taken right now to remove a massive environmental eyesore.

Why is this important?

The mess was deliberately created by a developer which began work in January 2004 without planning consent and since having been granted a planning consent has done nothing to clear up the mess that it deliberately created. This beach is the largest and most important in central south Cornwall.

Carlyon Bay

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Reasons for signing

  • was and is great beach sad to see it like this something has to be done now not later
  • It is a disgrace that these so called developers were allowed to ruin this lovely beach
  • Developers should not be allowed to ruin local amenities, and ride roughshod over people's wishes just to make increased profits!


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