To: Herts county council

Closure of special educational needs base Laurence Haines school

Closure of special educational needs base Laurence Haines school

I'm trying to stop the closure of the 'Specific Learning Difficulties base in Laurence Haines school. Ideally try to stop all the closures across Hertfordshire, Why they are closing these bases across the county
is obviously because of cuts, but these bases are really needed for children with special educational needs. Where and how are all these children meant to get their support that is much needed?
Who is going to explain to them they can't get the help they fully deserve?
Do not close these bases!

Why is this important?

Our daughter attends a speech and language base, she has been there for almost two years, in this time not only has her speech come on (she hardly spoke when first attended) but her confidence has grown too. All the staff are brilliant and have built up a lovely relationship with her. She struggles when she goes into mainstream class in the afternoon with the amount of children and noise.
She really wouldn't be where she is today if it wasn't for 'the base' at her school so please please help to try and stop the closure of other bases. Our daughter is one of many children with special educational needs that really need the help, care and support these bases offer. This will have an impact on the surrounding schools and bases for all these children with special educational needs. Why should they be the ones who suffer!!!!
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Thank you

Watford, Hertfordshire

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  • Very important these bases do not close, the children will not be receiving the correct support that they really need!


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