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To: Matthew Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Come clean about PPE and publish all the contracts

Come clean about PPE and publish all the contracts

Why is this important?

Many hundreds of frontline healthcare workers have contracted Covid-19 and died. Details of the PPE fiasco that left them further exposed are now starting to emerge.

The Government has committed £15 billion for buying PPE. Shockingly, three of the biggest beneficiaries so far are companies specialising in pest control, a confectionery wholesaler and an opaque family fund owned through a tax haven.

Now, the Government has admitted that 50 million masks that they purchased from the opaque family fund “will not be used in the NHS” because of safety concerns. It means PPE which should be delivered to the NHS to protect frontline staff is now piled up in warehouses gathering dust.

Why did the Government award vast amounts of public money to companies like this? And how many more of these contracts have failed to deliver PPE to the NHS? We don’t know. The Government is ignoring the usual rule that contracts should be published within 20 days.

To prevent future PPE procurement failures and protect taxpayers’ money we need to uncover the truth of what really happened.

Will you sign the petition and call on the Government to publish the PPE contracts?


Reasons for signing

  • To expose government corruption
  • In all other professional areas, there is accountability. Why not in government? I can’t even buy stationery without following my institution’s procurement rules, put in to avoid sweetheart deals and impropriety. Why should the government not have similar?
  • To help restore democracy to our country and stop cronyism within Boris Johnson's Government. BUT very disappointed that 38Degrees website insists you make a donation. Lost my support at that point.


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