To: UK Ministry of Justice

Compensation for abused children to be paid regardless of assumed consent

Compensation for abused children to be paid regardless of assumed consent

Ensure that children who have been abused are not denied compensation because it appears they may have given consent
The law claims that children are not capable of consent
The compensation scheme should be revised to accept this concept

Why is this important?

Children who suffer abuse often think it is their fault

By refusing to compensate them the government and the Ministry of Justice is reinforcing that belief

The abused will suffer the effects for the rest of their lives, please do not add to their trauma by accusing them of inviting the abuse by a tacit consent

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) has refused payments to almost 700 child victims even if their attackers have been jailed, freedom of information requests have revealed.

Reasons for signing

  • Children cannot consent. They are always coerced when adults involved. The fact that this is even a thing is DISGUSTING
  • children are groomed and manipulated by abusers. compensation does not take that pain away, however may help towards a better future.
  • no child can consent to sexual activity by an abuser- financial compensation is the least that can happen for all victims


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