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To: Cherwell District Council

Complete the Bicester Ring Road Properly!

Complete the Bicester Ring Road Properly!

Tired of being stuck in traffic to get through Bicester? New plans for the eco-town mean that the traffic through the town centre will only get worse. Howes Lane needs to be improved to form the missing piece of the Bicester ring road.

Why is this important?

Plans for the new eco-town turn Howes Lane into a ‘green space’ and replaces it with a low capacity 30 mph residential boulevard, with 2 schools and shopping centre on it. (1)

The developers have already said that this boulevard will not be part of the ring road so where is the traffic supposed to go?

Answer: Traffic can only go through the town centre, which already has traffic jams every day.

If you agree that Bicester needs a properly completed ring road then please sign our petition.

Thank you,

Steve Uttley, Steve Sargeant, Polly Foster, Sylvia Howells and Sarah Haydon

Further information
In 2000 Oxfordshire County Council published a study that the Howes Lane/Lords Lane/Bucknell Road juntion represents a pinch point within the existing network that substantially limiting the potential of the western perimeter route for through traffic.(2)
Also, Cherwell District Council supported the Oxfordshire Local Transport Plan 2001-2006, which stated that there needed to be "an improvement of Howes Lane and the improvement of the Howes Lane/Bucknell Road/Lord Lane Junction incorporating the provision of a new railway bridge."(3)



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Reasons for signing

  • This is the major flaw in the plan. Grid-lock will be the outcome.
  • Because the road system We have now will not support the number of new houses that are planned over the next few years.
  • Keep town centre roads free to encourage would-be visitors to come in to Bicester. Make it easier for through traffic to achieve its destination with less hassle! An efficient ring road will help with both these goals.


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