To: Suffolk Police, Suffolk Constabulary

Continue the landfill search

Continue the landfill search

We want the search for missing RAF serviceman, Corrie McKeague in the Cambridgeshire landfill to continue until he is found or the area is thoroughly searched.

Why is this important?

Corries family and friends deserve to know if he is actually in there, after waiting weeks before starting the search, it is disgraceful that they would end the search without finding him but claiming he is in there. Why start a job if you are not going to complete it. There have been so many failings by the police regarding this missing young man. He deserves to be located and his family/friends deserve closure. If he is not in there then at least it's been checked properly, after too many mistakes. #FindCorrie



Reasons for signing

  • do your job police!!
  • Oh for goodness sake. Do your jobs police. This is disgraceful.
  • Corrie needs to be found, it's that simple. How can the police possibly give up now after saying they "know" he's in there. They have to keep looking to give this poor family peace of mind. And if nothing is found after a proper check is completed the police must accept help and start searching somewhere else. Corrie is out there somewhere and he must be found. #findcorrie


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THANK YOU ALL for hitting 20k.. Amazing!! Xx xx #FindCorrie

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