To: CoStar

CoStar Target Changes

CoStar Target Changes

We, the research staff at CoStar UK Glasgow, feel that the targets expected of us (12 x 90 second calls to principal contacts, or 45-60 call attempts per day) are unreasonable and unrealistic considering the additional work (client requests, emails, cross referencing websites, adding and editing listings, transacting deals, etc) that we are expected to undertake. We are also expected to make additional calls to other contacts (PAs, secretaries, landlords, property managers, owners, tenants, etc) that do not count towards our call target, regardless of the fact we we are still collecting essential data and enhancing the database. We feel that including calls to ALL contacts would be a progressive step to improving the morale, data quality, performance and, most importantly, relationships with clients that are currently being continuously harassed by Costar research staff.

Why is this important?

We are a company that collects and sells information regarding the commercial real estate industry.
As a company in the 21st century, we pride ourselves on being innovators of technology, however, staff are expected to make use of talking on the phone above any other means of communication.
The current standard operating procedure values the amount of 90 second calls we make to agents over the information that we collect.
How data is collected should not matter, as long as the data (which is what we sell) is collected.


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