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To: Lincolnshire County Council

Cut the Grass Verges In Lincolnshire

Cut the Grass Verges In Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire county council have started to reduce the amounts of cuts they give grass verges. This is resulting in an unsightly mess within the towns in Lincolnshire. We who have signed this petition demand that the grass verges are cut at least once every 3 weeks.

Why is this important?

The cuts Lincolnshire County Council have made to the grass cutting service has resulted in -
Unsightly messy verges.
Litter and dog mess has increased.
It is counter productive, we should be taking pride in our towns, not letting them look a mess.
Its causing a hazard at road junctions.
The council should increase the amounts of cuts back to once every 3 weeks, still saving money but at least the grass will look better.


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