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To: NICK HOOPER Service Director for Housing Solutions at Bristol City Council



Commit to cease placing homeless people in newly-purchased Connolly & Callaghan properties where tenants may have been evicted for the purpose of profiteering from emergency accommodation provision.

Commit to an immediate renegotiation of the terms under which Bristol City Council do business with Connolly & Callaghan

Take immediate action to enforce decent living conditions in all Connolly & Callaghan properties where Bristol City Council has accommodated people.

Commit not to enter into any new contracts or other new business arrangements with companies such as Connolly & Callaghan who have been found to have evicted blameless tenants for their own financial gain.

Why is this important?

Connolly & Callaghan (owner of popular Stokes Croft complex Hamilton House) are the leading provider of homeless accommodation in Bristol. When Bristol City Council accepts a legal duty to provide housing for someone in need there is a strong possibility that it will be a Connolly & Callaghan property they are housed in.

An ACORN member who wishes to remain anonymous has discovered that Connolly & Callaghan have been buying up property in our city and evicting the existing tenants in order to create more homeless accommodation. These former tenants are then forced to look for somewhere else and some made homeless. More homeless people means more ‘customers’ for Connolly & Callaghan - whose rent is paid for by Bristol City Council. And these are no ordinary rents, often charging £250-£350 per week, Connolly & Callaghan are raking in a tidy profit.

In a recent letter evicting tenants from Carpenters Place in Knowle, General Manager Phil Callaghan wrote “All private tenants are being asked kindly to leave Carpenters Place and find alternative accommodation so that the company can continue with helping the ever growing need of homelessness...In order to make the transition period as easy as possible we will allow you to terminate your tenancy with us without a notice period…”

As if this wasn’t enough, there have been reports of terrible conditions in the hostels ran by Connolly & Callaghan, with cockroaches, rats and raw sewage in one in Bedminster.

It is unacceptable that Bristol City Council pay extortionate amounts to a private company that is cynically profiteering from the housing crisis by evicting tenants and providing substandard living conditions.

We need decent and dignified homeless accommodation at a fair price and we need the Council to take the lead in making this happen.

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Independent media organisation The Bristol Cable have covered this story in detail. For full information read the article here.


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Reasons for signing

  • Private businesses shouldn’t be allowed to profit at the expense of the taxpayer and the homeless. Profits should be capped and surveys put in place, to ensure that accommodation is of a decent standard and any companies are helping society, rather than being a burden on it. A viable but low-profit margin system needs to be placed on any rented housing containing a homeless tenant funded by the government.
  • this is just despicable!
  • I have been aware of the dodgy dealings of this company for many years as am sure BCC have been as well. this company needs to be shut down. NOW !!!


2016-06-02 17:43:37 +0100

On Tuesday ACORN members visited the Connolly & Callaghan office to gain commitment from them to stop evicting tenants and to ensure decent standards. Sadly they refused to engage.

See the video here Thanks for all your support.

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