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To: Simon Burns MP, Jeremy Hunt MP

Defend our A&E at Broomfield Hospital

21/07/17 - We Won!

NHS bosses have announced they are scrapping plans to downgrade Broomfield A&E.

We are obviously very pleased – this is a victory for people power' said Defend Our A&E Broomfield campaign coordinator Andy Abbott. 'It shows the importance of campaigning, of organising, and fighting back. Because if people in mid and south Essex had sat back and done nothing, these dangerous cuts to our A&E services would still be going ahead. So it's a big well done to the more than 30,000 people who have signed our paper and online petitions, and to the hundreds that have supported our public meetings and demonstrations.'

'However, the devil is always in the detail. So we await to see what the Success Regime's final proposals are. However at this stage it's a warm if cautious welcome to the announcement.'


Keep the A&E department at Broomfield Hospital open

Why is this important?

This change means Broomfield hospital would become a minor injuries walk-in centre, which makes a mockery of government claims to establish a 24/7 NHS.

We all know a family member or a friend who could need urgent care and has to get to an A&E very quickly. Without a local A&E department people would have to travel up to an hour to get to an A&E, if someone is in a critical condition that time could be the difference.

Health bosses are playing with the lives of the people of mid-Essex.

We have already had a great response to this petition which shows that the people of Chelmsford are overwhelmingly opposed to this change.

Our local hospital needs everybody. And we need a campaign to keep Broomfield A&E

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