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To: Department for Transport

Defend rail services in to Manchester Piccadilly

Defend rail services in to Manchester Piccadilly

Stop Arriva ending direct services in to Manchester Piccadilly on the Southport to Manchester line

Why is this important?

Arriva are planning major changes to services into Manchester without even bothering to ask passengers for their views. This is on top of increased fares and overcrowding. Sign this petition to stop Arriva in their tracks.

How it will be delivered

In person to the Rail MInister


Reasons for signing

  • With only one direct train to Manchester , to Victoria I would pity all those commuters beginning and ending their working day crammed into trains like cattle in cattle trucks (who probably are a good deal better off given health and safety rules for animal transport!)
  • i use this service to travel to Manchester for nights out it would impact on the business in manchester
  • Piccadilly is the connecting station and it is important to a lot of people.


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