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To: Michael Fallon

Defer the debate on Trident

Defer the debate on Trident until the country is in a more stable political and economic condition.

Why is this important?

MOD costings for renewal of Trident are still based on 2007 estimates, and are said to be between £15 and £20 billion. We are now entering a period of at least two years when the value of the pound and our country's credit rating will be at best uncertain, and possibly lead to recession. Whatever happens once we have left the EU, for the next two years there will be less money to spend on the NHS, schools, care for the elderly and disadvantaged, not more, and it makes no sense to committ such a proportion of our dwindling resources to this project. Let us at least wait until we have more idea of what our relations with the EU and the rest of the world will look like, and how our economy is faring, before the debate is held.



2016-07-13 22:14:31 +0100

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