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Demand the BBC reports on & analyses the growing Austerity Protest movement & actions

Campaign created by
Emma Winfield
Demand the BBC reports on & analyses the growing Austerity Protest movement & actions

The BBC must start providing news reports, background information and intelligent, balanced analysis of the social and political shift happening amongst the UK population right now, connecting this to the impacts, justifications and morality of the long & deep austerity measures being pursued by those in power. The BBC failed to proportionally or accurately cover or analyse the swing towards the Green parties in the European election and now has failed to provide coverage or analysis of the Austerity Protest in London yesterday.

Why is this important?

The BBC is a public service with a remit to cover and analyse news, events signifying social & political shifts in the country, and not a spokesperson for power or corporate interests.



2014-06-24 22:31:18 +0100

10,000 signatures reached

2014-06-23 13:04:40 +0100

Email blip - apologies for those who are just now getting 3 emails at once - I was unaware that 38 Degrees needs to 'approve' emails before they get sent, or that there was a delay in this process, or that they would then release multiple emails at once! Lesson learned ; ) Best to 'Like' the Facebook page I think.

2014-06-23 11:30:54 +0100

5,000 signatures reached

2014-06-23 10:33:22 +0100

We passed through 4,000 signatures overnight, and are now just over 4,700. Please keep sharing today with friends, colleagues and networks - if you can post it on blogs, organisations' websits and in forums, then great. This is a 'numbers game' really at this stage, as the bigger the number the clearer the evidence of protest at the current BBC non-reporting or analysing of a) the very fact of the anti-austerity movement, b) its cohesiveness across diverse organisations and people and c) the credible alternatives to cuts being put forward by many organisations. Let's get the numbers so we can legitimately demand the coverage.

2014-06-22 22:25:30 +0100

Over 2,500 now. This feels like we're on our way to building a platform for action ; )

2014-06-22 19:58:52 +0100

1, 272 signatures and growing. Thanks everyone - please 'Like' the Facebook page too and keep sharing this petition any way you can and to any networks you are part of.

We can use the Facebook page for phase 2 - planning collective practical action

2014-06-22 19:03:23 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2014-06-22 17:02:33 +0100

500 signatures reached

2014-06-22 16:39:31 +0100

Almost 400 signatures, what a great foundation!

Keep sharing so we can build our platform for real.action and further protest x

2014-06-22 14:07:55 +0100

This petition is a starting point, to establish the level of interest 'out here' to protest the current situation of BBC bias-by-omission. If we find enough of us want change, then we can look at turning this into an action - from witholding licence payments to a more visual, creative, eye-catching action.

2014-06-22 13:12:17 +0100

100 signatures reached

2014-06-22 12:22:42 +0100

50 signatures reached

2014-06-22 12:15:46 +0100

25 signatures reached

2014-06-22 12:10:50 +0100

10 signatures reached