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To: MP Sarah Newton

Despicable parking fines

Educate Blue badge holders with change of parking regulations and keep them up to date.

Why is this important?

I know several individuals have had problems with their disabled blue badge parking, they have been having parking tickets come through in the post to them and they do not know why. There is no signs on any of the carparks I have parked in to say that it has changed but the tickets have been coming through to them state that it is a different company that has took over all of the carparks and they are now making disabled people pay! (The fine is between £60 - £100)
The company that has changed the parking they are now called NCP and they have not told blue badge users about that change of parking restrictions or even on NCP‘s website it doesn’t even state that they have updated their records for blue badge holders .When you would normally get a parking ticket the ticket is placed on the windscreen of the vehicle in this case they are sending the tickets through the post. One of the people I know has had a parking ticket and it took three weeks to get through the post to them so they didn’t even know they had a ticket, they are sure they have more tickets on the way as they use this car park weekly . We spoke to council near where we live and they had told us that the process had only been in for about two months which is definitely not true.
This is an absolutely outrageous thing to do to disabled vulnerable people, they should stop and think what they are doing to us and rethink a new strategy. We pay for our blue badges so what is the point in us paying for parking as well as paying for a blue badge. Its just another way of getting more money out of us vulnerable people.
We have already contacted a certain MP and he said he is going to work on this case as much as he can also the media are involved, once they had written a story I will attach. The news paper article link is below




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