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To: Esther McVey MP

Don't scrap the pensions dashboard

Pensions dashboard

The government committed to getting the pensions dashboard off the ground. It means we’ll be able to keep track of all our pensions in one place, stopping us losing out on thousands of pounds.

When news came out that the government was considering scrapping the dashboard, over 200,000 of us jumped into action.

We signed open letters, emailed our MPs and our research, which proved how much people could lose without a pensions dashboard, was plastered all over the press. The government saw our messages in their inboxes and in the media - and yesterday they acted.

Do not scrap the promised pensions dashboard, a website that would help millions of people keep track of their pensions

Why is this important?

The Welfare Secretary Esther McVey wants to "kill off" a new government website which would help millions of people keep track of their pensions throughout their careers, because she thinks it's not the government's job to help. Without it millions of pension pots are at risk of being lost.

According to estimates by the Department for Work and Pensions, 50 million pension pots will be lost by 2050 without an official website to help workers to keep track of savings through their careers.

The website has already been successfully tested, and was due to be rolled out nationally soon. It's all the more urgent because new laws to boost pensions have led to 9 million workers being automatically enrolled on to workplace schemes in recent years.

A huge petition signed by thousands of us will show the government we expect them to keep their promises and continue to roll out the pensions dashboard.



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