To: Esther McVey MP

Don't scrap the pensions dashboard

Do not scrap the promised pensions dashboard, a website that would help millions of people keep track of their pensions

Why is this important?

The Welfare Secretary Esther McVey wants to "kill off" a new government website which would help millions of people keep track of their pensions throughout their careers, because she thinks it's not the government's job to help. Without it millions of pension pots are at risk of being lost.

According to estimates by the Department for Work and Pensions, 50 million pension pots will be lost by 2050 without an official website to help workers to keep track of savings through their careers.

The website has already been successfully tested, and was due to be rolled out nationally soon. It's all the more urgent because new laws to boost pensions have led to 9 million workers being automatically enrolled on to workplace schemes in recent years.

A huge petition signed by thousands of us will show the government we expect them to keep their promises and continue to roll out the pensions dashboard.


Reasons for signing

  • I just get state pension July,I was 65 sister 63 work most her life some parttime,but still support herself low wages.did 6 WK.full time,then had 3 strokes .10 months later still on basic universal cridet.doc wanted give her 1 week med.cert.the stroke team insist she not fit to work.she still paying Dept's.from that 6 weeks full time work.she had shingles as well.I not think she can live like this for 2 more years.till 65 state pension age.
  • Only way to ensure your not being robbed
  • You have to know that anything Esther McVey thinks is a good idea is most definetly not. A complete ignoramous in her role as Parliamentary Under Sec for Disabled people and equally useless in Work and Pensions.


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