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To: Dartington Hall Trust

Don't Bury Dartington Under Concrete

Don't Bury Dartington  Under Concrete

Withdraw proposals considered for South Hams Strategic Plan that would mean 14 green field sites around Dartington village, South Devon could be developed for up to 500 houses.Locals in the small rural parish want Dartington Hall Trust to permanently withdraw the sites that threaten to urbanise the parish of just 800 homes, affect our quality of life, destroy narrow green lanes, wildlife and agricultural land and cover fields with blocks of concrete housing. locals want some locally affordable, sustainable houses- but not estates of concrete!

Why is this important?

Whilst Dartington Hall Trust care for their historic estate and undertake many worthwhile arts and social projects, they are going against the wishes of almost all the people that they share the parish with. Their stated aims of 'social justice ' and'sustainability' are being ignored locally. We challenge DHT to LIVE YOUR VALUES in Dartington Parish - and not to sell our countryside for cash. Once their proposals are included in our district's plan, our village will be surrounded by houses and destroyed forever.


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