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To: Cheshire East Borough Council

Don't Close Dementia Respite Care provided at Lincoln House Crewe

Don't Close Dementia Respite Care provided at Lincoln House Crewe

Please continue to use the excellent respite care provided for people with Dementia and their carers at Lincoln House Crewe, DO NOT transfer the service to the private sector.

Why is this important?

Carers of people with dementia depend on good respite to keep themselves well. Caring is hard work done with loving care. There are 5.402 people over 65 years living with dementia and 4.500 carers in Cheshire East Borough. Carers and their family 'save Cheshire East Council hundreds of thousands of pounds by caring . They do not wish to travel long distances for their care service, do not allow Cheshire East to close Lincoln House. Act now sign the petition to keep dementia care respite at Lincoln House

Cheshire East

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Reasons for signing

  • My neighbour recently had cause to need care in Lincoln House & she found true care from the staff. It's a much-needed NHS facility & needs to be kept that way for others.
  • An important service that should be expanded not cut.
  • michael jones will ruin cheshire east because of his inconsiderate actions and no consideration for others. jones = incompetence


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